Aid Project for Peace
Humanitarian project for refugees in Lebanon

(independent, impartial, international)


PSK: 92.152.382
BLZ: 60.000
Code word: Refugee projekt
Donations coming from outside Austria:
IBAN: AT976000000092152382


The NGO Resistance for Peace Vienna is now organising the aid project »Aid Project for Peace«.

The Resistance for Peace campaigner Thomas Kukovec has been active for several years aiding refugees in Lebanon. The situation in Lebanon is disastrous and has become even worse as a consequence of the war. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are taken care by a few physicians only. The infrastructure is very poor.

»Aid Project for Peace« thus provides in particular children in schools located in Beirut and the surroundings with medication, wheel chairs, sanitary products etc. and organises medical assistance. The general social condition also needs to be improved.

We collaborate with several partner organisations.
»Aid Project for Peace« and its partners work on a completely independent and impartial basis.
Donations are used immediately on the spot. Logistics is organised very thoroughly and efficiently. Transparency regarding invoices submitted to Resistance for Peace Vienna guarantees correct usage of donations.



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