Become active - Be a part of Resistance for Peace!

  • Every positive action helps, however great or small.
  • Participate in our campaigns!
  • Help us in practical areas: by painting banners, procuring equipment, distributing information leaflets, collecting signatures for petitions, and so on.
  • Come and work on an information stand.
  • Come to parties and events as an artist or entertainer of your choice.
  • Help us in specific areas - lobbying against air traffic pollution, nutrition, etc.
  • Help us with IT: layout, homepage, articles, information, etc.
  • PR and propaganda.

If you are interested, please send us an Email or phone peter Rosenauer (see contacts).


Your Position as a Consumer

  • Each and every consumer has the possibility of directly influencing the economy. You may think you are just a small drop in the ocean and what good does it do anyway, but remember, an ocean consists of many drops, and just one action can change the whole course of things to come. Be aware of where the product you buy comes from, how it has been produced, which additives it may contain, whether it is environmentally and ecologically friendly, whether animals, adults or even children are being exploited in the production process. Try and stick to natural and organic produce as much as possible, and recycle as much as you can. If there are no recycling facilities near you, write to the local council aski9ng them to provide them.
  • Avoid packaging, which has been shown to have detrimental effects on both human health and the environment, as much as possible. Take your tupperware to the cheese and meat counter! Be aware of how much you and others simply throw away every day out of sheer convenience. Shop at markets and health food stores whenever possible. Avoid toxic cleansing products, garden fertilizers and other toxins which contaminate water, soil and air (for instance aerosols).
  • Write letters and Emails at every available opportunity to both companies, the local councils and the media suggesting positive changes.


We need the use of :

  • Video cameras, cars, vans, sound systems, large tents
  • Places for parties and events: gardens, meadows, fields, warehouses, farmhouses, barns, offices
  • Advertising space for banners against, for instance, industrial sites, motorways, air traffic pollution and so on, which can be permanently displayed, especially near highly frequented train routes, streets, pedestrian areas and other trafic routes.
  • Money always helps and is of course, most welcome.

Send us an Email or phone Peter Rosenauer (see contacts).