When Justice becomes Injustice,
Resistance becomes a Responsibility!



is an independent internationally active organisation.
It was founded in Vienna in 2003

Resistance for Peace is engaged for human rights, animal rights and the protection of the environment.

We are helping people and animals by using different approaches: political campaigns, direct relief or aid-projects as well as non-violent direct actions & protests.

Meanwhile the earth's population has grown to about 6,5 billion, tendency: rising fast. Approximately one billion is cut-off from any supplies with drinking water. 800 million people are constantly starving.


The time has come where decisions have to be made:

  • keeping on with plundering resources for the benefit of a few
  • pushing forward the industrialisation as before- surely killing the biosphere, causing tremendous destruction; both ecological and economical


  • take new paths and
  • find alternatives

As there are (« click here!)
Reasons for existing nuisances
A civil countermovement is emerging


Every one of us has responsibility and power as well, as voter or consumer.
Take action and join us! Get active!

Give us information (if u wish confidential) about: Arbitrariness of public authorities or justice, waste of money or direct threats. We will help you according to our possibilities!


Resistance For Peace is using donated money tightly focused and issue-related, because logistics and supporting bureaucracy is kept lean and efficient.













12 Nov 13: Gateway of the Russian embassy in Vienna blocked using a small transporter. Release of the "Arctic 30" demanded.
»"Press release" »"Image" »"Media"
TAKE ACTION: Free the Arctic 30 !
Solidarity with the Greenpeace activists/journalists who are detained in Russia.
»"Send a letter to the Russian Embassy/Info"
»"Gazprom Video"
11 Sept 13: Protest against inhumane asylum politics. Gateway of Ministry of the Interior in Vienna chained.
15-17 Oct 12: 3-day-protest-camp at St. Stephen's Place in Vienna against nuclear power plant Mochovce.
19 Jun 12: Demand for withdrawal of corrupt government. Blockade of chancellery in Vienna.
30 Mar 12: Demo against agribusiness. Regional organic agriculture must become standard.
11 Jan 12: Main entrance of Bank Austria general office locked with chains the whole day. Protest against financing of the company who operates the NPP Mochovce. Bank Austria acts dubiously.
21 Dec 11: Youth welfare office hushes up sexual abuse of children. Protest: Main entrance of the administrative office of Vienna's 15th district blocked with chains.
27/28 Nov 11: Gorleben/Germany. Protest with 1800 people against CASTOR transport.
01 Sept 11: "International Japan Dolphins Day". Worldwide protests against the slaughter of thousands of dolphins. Demonstration in front of the Japanese Embassy in Vienna. »"Image"
»"Japan Dolphins Day 2011"
»"Video" (not suitable for children).
Retrospect: »"Japan Dolphins Day 2010"
06 Jun 11: STRABAG general meeting: Protest against participation in extension of Mochovce 3&4. Favouritism with politics (see case Gusenbauer) is denounced.
29 Mar 11: Nuclear catastrophe Fukushima: Criminal complaint against Japanese head of government at the public prosecution department Tokyo. Participation in "crime against humanity".
»"Image" »"Press release"
07-08 Nov 10: Gorleben/Germany. Sit-down-demonstration lasting for 2 days with ca. 4.000 people in front of nuclear waste interim storage. Castor transport was delayed.
»"Image" »"www.x-tausendmalquer.de"
06 Nov 10: Dannenberg/Germany. Protest against nuclear power policy. "Resistance for Peace" chairman talks in front of 50.000 demonstrators and reads out a message from the anti nuclear delegate of the province Upper Austria.
02 Nov 10: Blocking entrance of Chancellery in protest against scandalous child welfare policy.
14 Oct 10: International protest day against Japan's dolphin slaughter. Rally in front of the Japanese embassy in Vienna.
»"Image" »"Japan Dolphin Day 2010"
18 Aug 10: Funeral /Activist passed away. Uwe Peschler attended ca. 140 protest actions by "Resistance for Peace" and "Greenpeace". Following a long illness, Uwe passed away in Vienna, on July 27th, 2010. The urn was entombed on the cemetery of Moosburg /Isar (Bavaria).
04 May 10: NPP Mochovce: Government co-operates with nuclear lobby.
Protest event in front of the Chancellery in Vienna. » Image
28 Apr 10: Protest above the entrance of the Ministry of Justice. Severe grievances in the field of child protection. » Image
24 Apr 10: State visit of Prime Minister Putin in Vienna. Picket for murdered dissident reporter Anna Politkowskaja and for freedom of press in Russia. » Image
25 Mar 10: Protest event against right-wing extremism and FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) candidature for the presidential elections in Vienna. » Image
22 Dec 09: Right-wing extremism in Upper Austrian anti-nuclear campaign. Protest on the town hall balcony. Linz » Image
10 Dec 09: In protest against scandalous climate and anti-nuclear policy activists chained themselves to the entrance of the Ministry of Environment. Vienna » Image
14 Oct 09: Demonstration in front of the Federal Chancellery, challenging the government to pursue a serious anti-nuclear policy. Vienna » Image
03 Sept 09: STRABAG's greed of gain endangers the population by participating in the upgrading of the nuclear power plant Mochovce. Vienna » Image
20 Aug 09: STRABAG wants to upgrade the nuclear power plant Mochovce. Protest lasting the whole day in Linz.» Image
31 Mar 09: Demonstration for an EU ban on seal products in front of the EU info point Vienna. The EU Commission and the EU Parliament should argue for a ban on the import of all seal products.
» Image
16-20 Mar 09: On each day announced protest events in front of the regional court St. Poelten concerning the Fritzl trial, starting at 8:00 a.m. Severe criticism on the Federal Government concerning grievances in the field child welfare.
Performances by Hubsi Kramar, Patrik Huber, Luca-Kinderschutzverein and Resistance for Peace.

11 Mar 09: Announced protest event in front of the regional court Wr. Neustadt.
10:00-12:00, Maria-Theresien-Ring 5. Expert manipulates files concerning child welfare and family law. The top candidate at the chamber of labour elections, Samir Kesetovic, will be on site, too.
10 Jan 09: Stop the war in Palestine. Israelis and Arabians are committing war crimes. Protest in Graz. »Image
04 Dec 08: Protest at the department of public prosecution and regional court Korneuburg. Concerning the case of Angelika legal authorities are delaying the proceedings since more than 6 months.Files have been manipulated.
25 Sept 08: In remembrance of Luca/Protest in front of the regional court during the proceedings concerning the case of Luca. Public authorities are still not admitting any failures.»Images
24 Apr 08: Protest shows impact. "Erste Bank" cancelled the loan for the nuclear
power plant "Mochovce".
26 Feb 08: Occupation of the provincial government office in St. Pölten.
Politics are deedless concerning child molestation.
13 Feb 08: Protest in front of the public prosecutor's office concerning the cases of Luca and Angelika. Korneuburg.
17 Jan 08: Demonstration against "Erste Bank". Nuclear power plant "Mochovce" to
receive 800 million Euro loan. Vienna.
05 Dec 07: In remembrance of Luca - The baby who was sexually abused and murdered.
Authorities looked the other way. St. Stephen's Place, Vienna.
21 Nov 07: Japan killing whales again! Protest against whaling. Japanese embassy, 1010 Vienna, Schottenring/Hessgasse.
17 Oct 07: Blocking the Ministry of the Interior. Protest against deportation
25 Sept 07: "International Japan Dolphin Day" against Dolphin Slaughter. Japanese embassy, Vienna
»Press »Images »Campaign (with video and protest petition)
Thu 20.09.07: Party:"Save the Dolphins".GOA-Trance from 0.00h.
"Georg Danzer Memory": Danzer´s music from 9 pm -midnight
"Magic Open Air Fire". Location:Arena,3 Raum Gallerie,Baumgasse 80,1030
Vienna (U3 Erdberg).
Solidarity-fee : 3 Euro


05 Sept 07: .Charges filed against pope Benedikt at the Vienna prosecution authority for favoritism, obfuscation as well as assistance and incitement in/ to a crime
22 Aug 07: Soccergame in the Vienna „Praterstadion“. Protest banner against nuclear powerplant Temelin was mounted.
10 July 07: Protest in Vienna´s Social-Democratic Party Headquarter´s in Vienna
03 June -07 June 07: G8-summit, Heiligendamm, Germany
23 May 07: Protest against Russian President Putin´s visit in Vienna
16 May 07: Protest in front of the nuclear powerplant Temelin in the Czech Republic
25 Apr 07: Blockade-Action Federal Chancellery in Vienna against purchase Eurofighter-Militaryjets
24 Apr 07: Occupation the Canadian Embassy in Vienna, as a Protest against Seal Slaughter in Canada
»Press »Images
20 Apr 07: Protest in front of the Japanese embassy in Vienna against Dolphin Slaughter in Japan
»Images »Campaign (with video and protest petition)
06 Apr 07: Protest against whale battles. Norwegian embassy, Vienna
15 Mar 07: Demonstration against the act of violence by Austrian's police in the case "Cheibani Wague"
12 Mar 07: Demonstration at the Japanese embassy in Berlin against Dolphin Slaughter in Japan
»Press »Images
»Campaign (with video and protest petition)
26 Feb 07: Action at ground-breaking ceremony of transit motorway A5
15 Feb 07: Protest on ASFiNAG-house
24 Jan 07: Blockade action at the office of the Federal Chancellor
21 Dec 06: Campaign against sample drillings for the transit motorway
15 Sept 06: Charity Party for refugees in Lebanon (Aid Project for Peace). Live music and DJs, videos. Admission: donation.
Friday Sept.15,2006 from 8pm - open end
Location: Derwisch, Lerchenfeldergürtel 29/3, 1160 Wien (next to U6 Thaliastraße)
10 Aug 06: Resistance for Peace is now organising the »Aid Project for Peace«
»Aid Project for Peace
27 July 06: Demonstration at the Israeli embassy in Vienna against the war in Lebanon
21 June 06: Campaign against US-President G. W. Bush: 100m² protest banner installed
16 June 06: Campaign against US-President G. W. Bush: Viennese roof painted with slogan »Bush go home«
20 Feb 06: Minorities have Rights – Campaign in Carinthia
19 Nov 05: Campaign against fur in Vienna
17 Oct 05: Occupation of Vienna major Häupl's office as protest against transit motorway and 3rd Airport runway
19 July 05: Campaign at the regional court in Vienna against the act of violence by Austrian's police in the case "Cheibani Wague"

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Resistance for Peace co-founder Peter Rosenauer (in the picture right) at the Lambach meadow occupation, Jan. 1996.