Press release by the NGO "Resistance for Peace"

Vienna, 12 November 2013

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Ttl: Protest in front of Russian embassy in Vienna /Gateway blocked.
Release of the "Arctic 30" activists demanded.

Today, Tuesday, 12 November 2013 the NGO "Resistance for Peace" blocks the gateway of the Russian embassy in Vienna using a small transporter.

Since approx. 7 o'clock in the morning the gateway in the alley called Jauresgasse is the venue of a peaceful protest. On the gate of the embassy panels stating "Free the Arctic 30" are mounted.

Peter Rosenauer, spokesman of "Resistance for Peace", explains:

"This peaceful protest is a sign of solidarity with the Greenpeace activists and journalists who have been detained for 55 days in Russia. The state of the Russian justice system is very strange. The arrests and the confiscation of the Greenpeace ship have clearly violated international law. Russia must correct these errors very soon."

-Photos of the protest will be handed in later

For more information call:

Peter Rosenauer    Tel: 0043-664-505 1861



Kronen Zeitung: Print "Arctic 30" Protest - Aktivisten blockierten russische Botschaft


Press release by the NGO "Resistance for Peace"

Vienna, March 29, 2011

-Nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima: Criminal charges against Japanese head of government
-Nuclear Power Plants are a "crime against humanity"

Today, on March 29, 2011, the NGO "Resistance for Peace" pressed criminal charges against the Japanese head of government, Naoto Kan, at the public prosecution department Tokyo via facsimile.
Furthermore, at 8.30 o'clock in the morning local time a hard copy of the criminal charges was handed over to the Japanese embassy in Vienna.

On the day before, a delegate of "Resistance for Peace" was attacked by staff of the Japanese embassy in Vienna and his shinbone and knee were badly injured.
The delegate had announced before the attack that charges will be pressed against the Japanese prime minister and asked the embassy staff for the address of the public prosecution department Tokyo. Thereupon one staff member lost his temper.
This staff member had already spit on and threatened peaceful protesters (against whaling, dolphin slaughter) several times previously.
An ambulance brought the injured delegate to a hospital. The police filed criminal charges against the violent member of the embassy.

-Call to claim for compensation/The UN must get active

The NGO "Resistance for Peace" calls on the people in Japan and worldwide to support the criminal charges or to press their own criminal charges.
Furthermore, people should claim for compensation from the Japanese government according to civil law.
The UN must act against nuclear power plants. The WHO must declare that the risks that nuclear power plants bear are not acceptable. But the IAEO is not suitable to evaluate the risk, as the IAEO is a vicarious agent of the nuclear lobby.

-Nuclear power plants are a "crime against humanity"/Worldwide ostracism of nuclear power plants must be strived for

There are no secure nuclear power plants and there is no secure storage of nuclear waste.

Earthquakes, tsunamis up to 40 meters high, large airplanes, terrorist attacks, human error, faulty designs, arbitrarily defined safety standards, etc., are permanent unacceptable risk factors.
People of entire regions have to be relocated after a worst case scenario.
Carcinosis, damages to the genetic constitution etc., are inherited to many generations.

Even the mining of uranium is an enormous environmental destruction.
Nuclear power plants also serve to win plutonium for nuclear weapons.
Nuclear waste endangers many thousand future generations.

"Who operates, plans or plays down nuclear power plants is complicit to a crime against humanity and must be convicted morally.
Furthermore, criminal courts must prosecute the culprits," says Peter Rosenauer of the NGO "Resistance for Peace".

For more information call:
Peter Rosenauer /Tel: 0043-664-505 1861

Criminal complaint:

NGO "Resistance for Peace "
Human rights- Animal protection- Environment protection-organisation
ZVR 465106793
Nobilegasse 26/22
1150 Vienna
Austria /European Union

To: Supreme Public Prosecutors Office
1-1-1 Kasumigaseki,
Tokyo 100-0013 Japan
FAX: 0081-3-3592-7692

Vienna, March 29, 2011

Criminal complaint:

Subject: Nuclear catastrophe because of nuclear power plant Fukushima

The Japanese head of government prime minister Naoto Kan failed either deliberately or grossly negligently to assure, that sufficient safety instructions in Japanese nuclear power plants are defined and observed.

Prescribed inspections were not conducted in many areas. Safety standards were defined arbitrarily (e.g. building regulations only until 8.2 on the Richter scale). The government failed to monitor the operator of the nuclear power plants sufficiently - in spite of the fact that five people died in a Japanese nuclear power plant already before the current catastrophe.

Now the Japanese head of government is responsible for the enormous radioactive contamination of people, animals and the environment.

Peter Rosenauer, chairman



Peter Rosenauer
„Resistance for Peace“
Human-, Animalrights and Environmental NGO
Nobilegasse 26/22
1150 Vienna

Press - Information
Vienna, September 24th, 2007


Ttl.: Worldwide day of protest against the slaughtering of dolphins

Subttl.: Demonstration in front of the Japanese embassy on September 25th 2007


Tomorrow, Tuesday 25th of September 2007, the NGO “Resistance For Peace“ protests in front of the Japanese embassy in Vienna .

The activists show two banners with the demands "Stop Dolphin massacre in Japan " and "Stop the Whaling".

The international day of protest is mainly organized by Ric O´Barry: Read more on

The cruel and surplus slaughtering of dolphins must end. Even Japanese politicians claim that due to the high contamination of dolphin meat with toxins like mercury, the meat should be avoided. “Resistance For Peace” calls for the annulment of the IWC (International Whaling Comission). Instead the UNO should be concerned with the whole issue of whaling as well as small whales and dolphins.

More information at Peter Rosenauer Tel: 0664-505 18 61



Peter Rosenauer
Joachim Schreiber
„Resistance for Peace“
Human-, Animalrights and Environmental NGO
Nobilegasse 26/22
1150 Vienna

Press - Information
Vienna, September 5th, 2007


Ttl.: NGO „Resistance for Peace“ files charges against pope Benedikt 16th and demands immediate denial of entry

Subttl.: Josef Ratzinger executed order to protect pedophiliacs


Today, Peter Rosenauer, Chairman of the NGO „Resistance for Peace“ filed charges against pope Benedikt at the prosecution authority Vienna. Josef Ratzinger was the responsible cardinal for enforcing the church order to all catholic bishops worldwide, to protect and hide pedophiliacs and sexual offenders. Those were detracted of legal prosecution by means of cover-up and similar practices. This order emanated from the Vatican´s document “Crimen Sollicitationis” which exists since 1962, when pope Johannes the 23rd approved it.

Over the last 20 years, until Ratzinger became pope himself, he was the responsible cardinal for executing it. In case of not obeying this church order, concerned clerics have been threatened with excommunication, the church´s most powerful punishment.

So reported aswell by the BBC in a broadcast on October the 1st with the Title „Sex Crimes and the Vatican“. The BBC as well names Ratzinger, for the time in which he was cardinal, as the finally responsible for the secret order „Crimen Sollicitationis”. The English translation of the (originally) latin decree, explicitly names “youths of all ages”: this means as well child abuse.

„Resistance for Peace“ brings forward the argument, that catholic priests and other clerics also molested children in Austria and Ratzinger´s activities averted adequate prosecution of such elements.
The "Cardinal Groer-case" shows this clearly.

In the filed charges to the prosecution authority Vienna, „Resistance for Peace“ brings forward the following possible criminal acts of Ratzinger: Favoritism, obfuscation as well as assistance and incitement in/ to a crime.

„Resistance for Peace“ demands an immediate denial of entry or - in case - an immediate eviction order over Ratzinger. Also on an international level, adequate measures have to be taken to ostracize pope Benedikt for this moral squalidness.

More information from Peter Rosenauer Tel.: +43-664-505 18 61
and Joachim Schreiber +43-676-90 32 337



Resistance for Peace
Human-Earth-Animal Rights
Nobilegasse 26/22
1150 Vienna


Pressinformation Vienna, 24.04.07



- NGO "Resistance for Peace" seizes Canadian Embassy in Vienna

- Activists demand immediate Stop of Seal-Slaughter


Today, Tuesday 24th of April 2007, 10 activists of the NGO “Resistance for Peace” seized the Canadian embassy in Vienna from about 10 am on. (Laurenzberg No.2, 1010 Vienna, close to Schwedenplatz)
Some activists have entered the unlocked office of the ambassador and chained themselves to several places. In the entrance-area a banner was showing the statement “CANADA IS KILLING SEALS. STOP THE SLAUGHTER!", some smaller banners where showing scenes of the cruel slaughter. Activists where chained to the entrance as well.

Canada want to kill about 270.000 seals this year, of which a large number is baby-seals. Cimate-change, which at first hindered the scheduled hunt, forced the hunters to increase the time-span of the killing.
Now, after a change of weather, most of the hunter´s boats are trapped in the pack-ice.
Not even such a clear signal from the already heavily disturbed nature can make the Canadians confess that the seal-hunt is extremely cruel and unnecessary”, says Peter Rosenauer, spokesman of “Resistance for Peace”.

“Resistance for Peace” asks Canada to take no chances and stop the commercial seal-hunt once and for all.

More information from the scene at Peter Rosenauer Tel: 0664-505 18 61


Resistance for Peace
Human-Earth-Animal Rights
Nobilegasse 26/22
1150 Vienna


Pressinformation Berlin, 12.03.07


- NGO: Resistance For Peace starts blockade of Japanese embassy in Berlin

- Activists protest against cruel dolphin-slaughtering in Japan


Today, Monday the 12th -03-07 around 9 p.m., ten activists of the human- earth- and animal-rights movement "Resistance For Peace" blocked the entrance of the Japanese embassy in Berlin.
Together with colleges from Germany, the Austrian activists are protesting against the killing of vast numbers of dolphins and porpoises. Some protesters chained themselves to the doors, others are showing a banner saying "Stop Dolphin massacre in Japan". It is planned to hold out there for a longer period of time.

Resistance For Peace was already active internationally a couple of times: Their spectacular actions aimed at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger concerning the death-penalty and as well at George W. Bush on his last visit during the EU-USA-Meeting in Vienna in June 2006, where one of their activists managed to approach Bush more or less on shouting-distance.

Now Resistance For Peace calls chancellor Angela Merkel to use the German EU-presidency to put pressure on Japan concerning the unnecessary and cruel killing of whales and dolphins.
"The EU should urge a worldwide ban on whaling (also small species) on a UN basis. The International Whaling Commission (IWC) should be closed because some member states are constantly bought or manipulated by Japan. So called "Scientific Whaling" has to be abolished, because it is only used as an excuse to kill for commercial reasons. Non-deadly methods like taking DNA from living animal's skin for scientific reasons exist for a long time already", says Peter Rosenauer, spokesman of Resistance for Peace.

Every year Japan is killing about 20.000 dolphins and porpoises. For each dead animal, around 600US$ are paid on the market. The presence of international dolphin-trainers is an other appeal for the Japanese fishermen: A single unharmed dolphin, which will spend his life in the torment of a tourist-show or in one of the worldwide existing dolphinaria, is worth between 50.000-100.000 US$.

Peter Rosenauer, spokesman of Resistance For Peace claims: "Dolphins and porpoises are highly intelligent and sensitively feeling beings. The absolutely unnecessary slaughtering must be banned. The Japanese government and fishermen once and for all have to understand that those lovely mammals are not the reason for declining amounts of fish in the local fishing-grounds. This problem is home-made by means of pollution and over-fishing committed by their own (fishing)-industry. The whole whaling-issue is a big controversy within the Japanese society itself. Whale-eaters, who are constantly invoking traditions as an excuse for ongoing killings, usually are war-glamorizing right-wing conservatives."


Hint: Online-petition to the Japanese Prime-minister:

Video-footage of the killings:

More information from Peter Rosenauer, who is at the scene in Berlin.
Tel No. 1: 0160-83 200 12, Tel No. 2: 0043-664-505 18 61
And on the homepage:

Press Information - Vienna, 29.10.2004


Human rights activists rename "Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium" "Arnold Killer Stadium".


Since the governor of California and political accomplice of George W. Bush has not spoken out against the death penalty despite much political provocation, activists from Resistance for Peace hang a banner from the roof of a stadium in Graz. Thus, an optical picture of the statement "Arnold Killer stadium" is created.

On Friday 29. 10. 04, at 9.00 am, activists from Resistance for Peace -  an environmental, human and animal rights organisation founded in the summer of 2003 - hang a banner on display and thereby change the "Arnold Schwarzenegger stadium" to the name "Arnold Killer stadium".

In California, people are regularly condemned to death and are left to sit on "death row".  The judicial verdict of death and the long wait for execution in the death cell are just as bad as the barbaric act of execution itself.

Excepting countries led by dictatorship and authoritarianism, the USA is the only western nation to implement the death penalty.

The fact that some states in the USA do not enforce the death penalty proves how controversial it is.

The death penalty is not a suitable method of preventing crime.  Far more, it can be seen as a statement of ethical and moral bankruptcy on behalf of justice and society.

In the USA even juveniles are sometimes condemned to death !  Another scandalous fact is that, due to this law, many innocent people are also fated to lose their lives.

Resistance for Peace asks Arnold Schwarzenegger to condemn the death penalty and become politically active aginst it;  not to merely pardon a handful of souls now and then for the sake of public relations.