Reasons for existing problems:


The systems that exist are very clearly leading into economical collapse and ecological catastrophes.

The majority of politicians are ruthless, unscrupulous and corrupted. Those with power in politics and finance are manipulating the humankind with disinformation and brainwashing them through mass media, not stopping at real physical violence (Arbitrariness of justice or fake war-reasons and so on…)


Even our children are already indoctrinated with a wrong sense of values.


Radical forms of all religions are intolerant and committing massive violations of all existing human rights.


Existing mechanisms like the world bank, the international monetary fund, WTO, NATO, UNO, international courts and alike are either teeth-less paper tigers or even servants of ruthless politicians and their interest in making money.


Groups, political parties and NGOs which have emerged out of civil movements of protest (The Green Party, Greenpeace, Global 2000 and others) have meanwhile arranged themselves with the system or have become ineffective due to massive strategic mistakes.

Quickly phasing out the dependency on oil and nuclear power because the stranded costs due to CO2-emissions and radioactive contamination are tremendous.